In the educational world, the term personalized learning is all the rave right now, but most parents don’t understand what it is. Personalized learning is a program that is designed around your student’s specific abilities and interests. Let me give you a hypothetical example: Suzie is in 3rd grade, and is gifted in math. She already is capable of doing 4th grade level math, but is required to go through a year of instruction in regular school learning things she already knows how to do. In a personalized learning program, teachers are able to pinpoint the exact level that student is capable of achieving and tailoring the curriculum to their level. This allows the student to be challenged adequately, so they can maximize their potential. Real learning happens when students are challenged at an appropriate level, With the advanced educational technology of today, there is no reason why every student shouldn’t be able to have an educational program designed around them. There are companies popping up like Mobile Homeroom and My Online Study Group that are starting to offer this service after-school as a supplement to regular schooling. These companies offer personalized learning in a one-on-one or group setting. Also becoming popular are after-school homework pods. Similar to the small-group “pandemic pods”, these are student “teams” that work on their homework together and are overseen by a teacher. This allows homework and studying time to be handled by a professional.?